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We can stop the rise of antisemitic politicians with your help

America’s in trouble and we’re running out of time. Too often today, ideology has replaced a high regard for truth and reason. It’s happening on both the right and the left.

The increase of socialists in federal and state level elected office is manifesting a philosophy which is an overt threat to the pursuit of freedom, democracy, and the American Dream itself.

A symptom of this is the anti-Semitic fueled push of BDS movement to literally destroy the nation of Israel.

Too many politicians lack the courage to face down these anti-Semites in their own political backyards, will not support politicians in those districts to reverse the spread. Astonishingly, this includes many of the sitting Jewish politicians today.

Instead, they embrace even the worst offenders for the sake of ideological unity. Take no further consideration many Jewish members in the Congressional Progressive Caucus elevating these socialists to leadership roles, therefore giving them an even greater platform to spread their anti-Israel philosophies.

Instead of action for the greater good, they sit on their hands for fear of retribution, whether that be “cancelled” by the SQUAD on Twitter or risk their own elected office by a socialist opposing candidate.

Truth Tells will identify those who fail to act courageously and refuse to tell the truth. And we’ll organize so they are held accountable. For updates, please sign up below.