Steve Cohen



  • Congressional Progressive Caucus Member
  • Lobbied to Divide Jerusalem
  • Elevating anti-Semitic politicians

Cohen has been historically complacent on the issue of anti-Semitism with his fellow congressmen. Assigning anti-Semitic congressmen to official ranks in the Congressional Progressive Caucus is enough for a disqualification, but it was Co-Sponsoring the September 2021 Two State Solution Bill which divided Jerusalem, placing the actual Western Wall & Jewish Quarter in Palestinian territory. This philosophy simply cannot co-exist with an alleged Zionist.

Cohen has the opportunity to establish (i) he voted against Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Cori Bush and (ii) compelled him Congressional Progressive Caucus colleagues to do the same when the 2023 questionnaires go out.

If a Jewish congressman will not do anything to stop the rise of anti-Semitic ones, then who will?